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Hair Extensions

S ewn In

Sewn in extensions use your real hair to braid and then secure the extensions to your head -giving a strong hold that lasts around 4-6 weeks. The whole process can take from one to three hours for a full head and together with your stylist you can choose the number of rows you want, depending on how thick you want the finished look to be.


Extensions can be a big change, and maybe you donít want such a full look all of the time. We provide a bespoke extension service where we will cut the extensions of your choice to the size you require, attach clips, and then blend the extensions into your hair Ė so that there is nothing else to do but to put them in and out at your own convenience.

Micro Rings

With the Micro Rings system there is no need for heat, glue, braiding or sewing, which is why itís no wonder how popular they are with both clients and celebrities. We use extensions which are individually fitted using the Micro Ring technology. Virtually undetectable, and comfortable to wear, a small section of your own hair is crouched through the micro rings and secured in place. The pre-bonded human hair extension strand is then placed inside the micro ring with the already placed section of human hair. Then, using the micro ring applicator tool, the system is sealed and locked into place. A full head of hair takes around two hours to fix and results lasts up to nine weeks.

Stick Tip

 Stick tip bond, is smaller, lightweight and provides ultra-secure hold. Designed for extreme durability, yet gentle on the hair,.

The special formula keeps all hair extension strands within the bond, with little to no shredding. Pre-bonded extensions are flexible and comfortable to wear and completely discreet, meaning you can style your hair as desired with them being undetectable. The transparent Keratin formula means that when fused to the hair they are barely visible.

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